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Stories that you confided to us

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Svetlana Fedorova

"There was a shelling for 15 hours, the granddaughter got scared and fell from the fifth floor"

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My five-year-old granddaughter Sofia suffered during the shelling of the city – she fell out of the window of the fifth floor and survived by a miracle. She had many complex fractures, treatment has been going on for two years now.

On that day, the adults left for a couple of minutes, leaving the child at the table. And there was shelling, it lasted 15 hours. It was very scary, very noisy, there was no light. And Sofia climbed in panic on a chair, then on a table ... When I rushed in, she was already out of the room. And below we have solid asphalt. 

She fell from a 15-meter height. And all the time she was conscious, I held her in my arms, and the neighbors tried unsuccessfully to call an ambulance.

The injuries were terrible: a hip fracture, a leg - an open fracture, a hand - a fracture in two places. Medical volunteers passed by, they took Sofia to the nearest hospital.

Due to an injury, the granddaughter partially lost her sight while she is having difficulty speaking. Complex fractures healed over a year.

Now Sofia is afraid to come close to a window, the height terrifies her. In our apartment, the windows are now constantly closed, and we do not let her to on the balcony either.

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