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Stories that you confided to us

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Lyubov Koryuk

"Bombing is nearby"

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Before, 200 children studied at our school, now there are only a few. Many families left because it is a dangerous area. 

There is only one school in the district; children from other villages come here. But in the seventh grade, only one child is studying - my son Anatoly Koryuk.

The bombing is nearby - near Chermalyk, Granitnoe. We can hear when they bomb the city.

A fire broke out in our house several years ago because of a short circuit. Firefighters poured water on our house. Now the dampness is constantly present in the house, it needs to be repaired, plastered, but we cannot make major repairs – we have no stable income. 

I lost my job as the farms and a grain processing workshop were closed in the village. My daughter Anna is raising a child alone. We are sustained only by household and the garden, and also humanitarian aid from the Headquarters of Rinat Akhmetov.

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