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Stories that you confided to us

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Lyudmila Kononyuk

"It hurts to see the children cry"

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We often hear: time cures, but not so much time has passed yet to forget the events that happened two years ago, in 2015. We also very often remember the time when shells fell on the town of Novotoshkovskoye, hitting houses.

It hurts and it makes one cry to look at the children who were at that time in the village without electricity and water.

And very often days are remembered that were similar one to another.

Getting up in the morning, if they gave us at least two or three hours to sleep, then it's good. We must quickly go on the water to the well, where all the people who remained were going, because there was nowhere, and there was nothing to leave for.

Coming from the well, we had to feed the children with something, because all the food was running out. After feeding the children, one must think about the warmth, but we couldn’t leave the house because of the shelling.

Together with the children, we sat down in the corridor on the mattresses and pillows. Children tried to hide their little heads in pillows so as not to hear explosions.

But on one of these days, my heart almost burst from the thought that children could die, because the glass flew all over the apartment, as a shell exploded near the house.

Glass flew out, smashed the walls with fragments, broke the slate. People were left without windows in their apartments.

For a while there was a pause, they quickly began to close the windows with whatever we had: old blankets, pillows. There was one thought - so that the children would not freeze.

As we half-closed the windows - shelling began again. As the day approached night, we went to bed in the corridor.

The shots were silenced for a while. We hope that neither adults nor children will ever know such a hell.

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