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Stories that you confided to us

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Valentyna Litvinova and Sasha Sychevyi

"Grandma, I was hurt"

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Valentyna Vasylivna Lytvynova:

They sometimes shoot in the morning when the grandson goes to school. He doesn't go out much now. He comes home from school. He does the same thing the following day.

Grandma, I was hurt

Sasha Sychov:

I was afraid when the attacks were hard. If they don't shoot that hard, I don't feel scared.

Grandma, I was hurt

That day I went to the store to buy some peanuts. Then I stopped by a friend's house. There is a church nearby. They shoot the place all the time. He went to change his shoes. And his younger brother, 7, stayed with me. I fell when the bullet hit me. I shouted to my brother to call his brother Serhii. And they took me home on a bicycle.

Valentyna Vasylivna:

I screamed, cried. I was so scared. I didn't know where it got. I just heard what he said, "Grandma, I was hurt." I didn't know where. The son jumped out and picked him up. He called for an ambulance immediately. The ambulance arrived about ten minutes later, took him to the hospital, gave first aid there, and placed us in the hospital.

The bullet seemed to hit the leg. It was a good thing he had sports pants. And it flew into the rubber band and got stuck. We pulled it out. I was lucky. It grazed the bone a little.

Grandma, I was hurt

We lay there for three weeks. And then we were given a ticket from Rinat Akhmetov, and we went to Sloviansk. We stayed there for 21 days. Thank God, we got better. We went to the sea. I really appreciate that Rinat Akhmetov does. We wouldn't have gone ourselves. We never went to a sanatorium or other place like that. We liked it there.

We went to the lake every day. We swam them and did some exercise. Everything is fine now.

But he was afraid, and he wasn't afraid before. They kept shooting, but he still went outside. I became afraid after this incident. He can hardly walk. After four o'clock, it's scary to go out at all, because a shootout may begin in the evening.

One evening, a bullet hit our house. I was in the kitchen. I just came out of the room. About a week later, another window had a hole from a bullet. We were also at home, but we were sitting in the hall. The fence was smashed. A shell fell there. The neighbor's fence was all broken. The corridor was broken. Our neighbor was killed when he was watering the flowers. The bullet hit the gas pipe and ricocheted. The man died. 

Grandma, I was hurt

I don't want to go anywhere. I have everything here. No one is waiting for us. Not really. There is nothing better than a home.

All the inhabitants of the town want peace. They just want this! They want the shooting to stop. They wish people weren't afraid to walk on the street without being afraid all the time. They want peace, just peace!

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